Monday, June 9, 2008

Adoption update: one more step complete

Today was an important step in our adoption journey. We sent all of the necessary paperwork for our homestudy in to the Holt office in Sacramento.

It was not nearly as much paperwork as what is required for most dossiers, but because we do not complete one for Korea, this is as close as it gets. It was such a good feeling to have all of the fingerprints, doctor apts, and forms done last Friday and feel a relief when the big packet was sent today! Then on Saturday, we actually got up at 4AM and drove to L.A. for an adoption class that was required for this part of our homestudy. (A huge thank you to my sister & brother in law for keeping our boys so we could attend!)

Ok, a quick lesson in how the process for Korea works: The next step after they review everything we sent, is the home visit which will hopefully happen near the end of the month. After our social worker writes what is called the homestudy up, Holt staff reviews it and then it gets sent off to Korea! This is when we will be "officially" waiting. We don't really know how long this part of the homestudy will take because it all depends on how fast our social worker is and whether it gets approved right away with no hitches. After the homestudy is sent to Korea we are expecting to wait about a year until we hear anything else. Then comes the fun part: the referral! This is when we will receive pictures and info about our little girl (and when I get to start shopping! :-) ) After that, it is still a good 3-5 months until everything is ready for her to come home. I think those few months might be the hardest! So there is the brief lesson on how things will work in this process. I'll keep you posted when anything happens! I know I am going to blink and a year will go by- I have plenty to keep me busy until then!

All of our paperwork that we had to send (it is blurred on purpose)

I tied a red ribbon around the whole stack before putting it into the envelope. I'm not sure if red is a sign of good luck in Korea like it is in China, you know the red thread tale, but it doesn't matter- it made it look cute!


Michelene said...

I am jealous, Candice. I really want to start the adoption process very soon. We have not chosen a country. I am not sure it matters, we are not even convinced it needs to be international. I look forward to reading your updates. Thanks!

Jenn said...

yeay! That's great that you have gotten past this step!

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