Friday, January 29, 2010

What next???

I recently stumbled across this video and immediately loved it. It's so simple and full of quotes from some of my favorite people that ever lived.
Watch it. Right now. It's only 3 minutes. But 3 minutes that might just challenge the way you think... and live.

A few years ago Randy and I took the PERSPECTIVES course in our area and God opened our eyes to His heart for the nations. It was almost like we had never really read the Bible and seen the BIG picture before. From Genesis to Revelation- missions is His story. Over those 15 weeks, our hearts and minds were transformed from seeing missions as something that certain people do, to a realization that we are all COMMANDED to obey His words to make disciples of ALL the nations. We learned that, like Abraham, we are blessed to be a blessing. It was an exciting time for us as we prayed and truly desired to make His name known among the nations.
There were a few possibilities that we thought maybe the Lord was leading us to, but in the end we felt that adoption was to be the big jump at the time.
Fast forward a year and a half and obviously we feel at peace about the decision that we made, with our sweet Elliana joining our family.

In the meantime the Lord was faithful to provide us with opportunities to serve locally and we soon realized that those of us here in Fresno have a unique priveledge of God bringing the "nations" right here to our city. Not only are there opportunities to reach out to migrant workers and refugees and their families, but there are tons of international students coming to study at the university! Through the international friendship program we have had the blessing of friends from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and South Korea. The nations are coming to us! It is an open door to share the gospel and we pray that the students would take the Truth back home to share with their families someday.

And now almost 2 years after beginning the adoption process for Elliana, we find ourselves at a place where we are wondering yet again what God has for us. I watch that video and my heart is stirred again to the point where I can't sleep because I am thinking about the 6,000+ unreached people groups (those who have never heard the gospel). Not to mention the 143 million+ orphans in the world who have no one to call mommy or daddy and more importantly no one to point them to Christ.

We hope to adopt again, though the timing is still very unknown, so what does that mean for us now?

Um, I have no idea!

But I do know that I can pray, pray and pray some more. I will admit that this has not been a super strong area in my walk with the Lord over the years and so recently I have been simply asking Him to change that in me. His Word says to ask, seek, and knock and I will receive, find, and have the door opened- so I have been doing just that. And of course He is always faithful, providing so many opportunities for me to obey and get out beyond my comfort zone.

And that starts today. I used to get frustrated that I didn't know "God's will" for my life- I would sit and pray and wonder what His "big picture" was for me so that I would know how to go about accomplishing it. Well, all that was basically an excuse for disobedience and laziness. He has given me everything I need to do His will TODAY and if I can't be faithful in that, then He certainly will not be able to trust me with the bigger things. And really what does that mean anyway? Are there certain tasks from God that are more important than others?

"There are no great acts. Only small acts done with great love."
~Mother Theresa

And so today I am thinking about my day differently. Instead of being disappointed that the Lord has not sent us to the other side of the world just yet (long term), or frustrated that He has not made it clear about how to mobilize others to care for orphans... I am choosing THIS DAY whom I will serve. He has given me 3 boys to teach school to this morning and a baby girl to love on and play with as well. Not to mention a God-fearing husband to bless and serve. It is my (and Randy's) responsibility to disciple our children and teach them about God's heart for the nations today. And to pray that Christ will reign in their hearts throughout their lives. I think I am beginning to see that that is the bigger picture. That those "small acts done with great love" are actually the most important. My true hearts desire is not that I would have done some great thing in my lifetime, but that Randy and I would leave a lasting legacy of God's faithfulness not only to our children, but to generations to come. That they would not forget the Lord or what He has done like the Israelites did so many times, but that His glory and name would be known throughout many generations until He returns!
Would you pray that with me today?


Marian said...

thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. The video is very challenging and your words are some of the same I have thought at times. By being the faithful shepherd to your child now, you may impact the nations later through their little lives! PRAYING WITH YOU SISTER!

Michele said...

Beautifully written, Candice. I am praying with you as well. I pray that my children grow to be passionate, faith-filled instruments of God. I pray that God gives me everything I need to raise them to live for Him. And I pray that my ears and mind will be opened to hear what He has for me each day.

Stacey said...

just what I needed to hear today. I'm praying with you!.

heather said...

That video was...I don't even know the words.....amazing, convicting, gut-wrenching....thank you for posting it!

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