Our Journey to Elliana
Big News ~ first blog post announcing our adoption plans

Just Waiting ~ A few details while we wait

Dreaming of a daughter ~ a poem I loved during the wait

IT'S A GIRL! ~ and her name is Elliana Sa-rang!

Referral Day ~ details of that special day

Our first update on Elliana ~ new pictures and a little bit about her delays

The care package ~ getting excited about our girl and a letter to her foster family

Elliana's Room ~ decorating a girl's room is so much fun!

While I'm waiting ~ a slideshow documenting our desire to serve the Lord in the midst of the wait

Update: not the news I wanted to hear ~ An honest post during a hard moment of our journey

Update: not even sure what to title this one ~It's going to be an even longer wait...

We are going to Korea!!! ~ the wait wasn't that long after all! :)

Dear family & friends ~ a note about attachment

A week in Korea
We made it to Seoul ~ Our first day

What a day! ~ Lots of sightseeing

Pictures!!! ~ First glimpses of the day we met our daughter

Meeting Elliana ~ One of the best days of my life

July 22, 2009 ~ Forever Family Day

Grieving ~ a process we knew would come, but doesn't make it any easier

A new day ~ we are coming home

She's Home

Love will help her grow ~ about her delays from prematurity 

One month ago ~ a look at how much changed in the month since we got her

Whatever the circumstance ~ One of my most honest posts about the hard realities of ADOPTION & LIFE as a mommy.

Sometimes you just need to get away ~ a cure for post-adoption depression :)

Check out the glasses! ~ If you were curious about why our daughter wears glasses

My Mission for Today ~ being an advocate for my daughter

Yesterday's appointment & a dose of reality ~ another honest look at a few of the trials

Some news! ~ Update on gastro-issues and an evaluation of her delayed development

Come and Listen! Let me tell you what HE has done! ~ My FAVORITE POST telling about the MIRACLES God is doing in our baby's (and my) life!

Time Flies

How big is Elliana? ~ 6 months home and meeting milestones 

Some of her cuteness on video ~ She has come so far!

Finally Final!!! ~ Elliana's adoption day

Glasses are cool ~ more about her glasses and an amazing look at how far God has brought her!

Adoption timeline to Elliana

April 20, 2008: After years of waiting to qualify to adopt from China, we both sense God calling us to bring more children into our family now rather than wait another 2-3 years.
April 24: We start researching other countries, agencies, and foster care. We agree that international adoption is still the best fit for our family and narrow it down to a few Asian countries.
April 30: After a time of fasting and prayer, we are ready to move forward with guidance from the Lord. We begin to pray specifially for "Little Sister." The boys are excited!
May 1: Sent in Waiting Child application to Holt.
May 6: Sent in Formal Application to Holt. Decide on Korea.
May 20: Phone interview with CA director: we are approved to move forward!
May 28: Fingerprints and bloodwork
June 9: Sent completed Homestudy packet to Holt Sacramento!
June 21: Marathon home visit/interviews with Social Worker
June 28: Home Study complete
July 18: Home Study approved: we are officially on the "wait list!"
Aug 1 : I-600A submitted to USCIS
September 9: Fingerprints!
October 30: I171h
March 2, 2009: Waiting Child Referral!!!!!!
March 13: LEGALS!
March 16: I600 submitted
April 3: I600 APPROVAL!
April 24: EP (Emigration Permit)
JULY 13: TRAVEL CALL!!!!!!!!!!
July 20: We meet Elliana for the first time!
July 22: Forever Family Day In Korea~ We are a family of 6!!!
July 25, 2009: HOME Forever!!!
March 12, 2010: Finalization! Elliana is officially our daughter & a U.S. citizen!
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