Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wagon Train

Well, he did it. Our oldest son not only survived his first week at camp, but was already scheming about next year's plans on the way home! He went to Hume Lake's Wagon Train camp, the same camp that his daddy went to when he was a kid. He had lots of stories and exciting things to tell us when he got home, so I'm pretty sure he had a good time! He is such an outdoor kind of kid that we knew he would love it. I was missing him by mid-week, and realized it was just a little too quiet in the house without him there!

This is the covered wagon that he and 9 other boys slept in: a young boy's paradise!

The inside of the wagon filled with boys- yes, it is that small!

Before and after shots... they get pretty grimey up there. Actually he said he took 2 showers that week, so he wasn't completely filthy. (a lot of kids didn't even take one!)

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jhatwig said...

How fun!!! I went to Wagon Train camp when I was a kid. I still remember that our wagon was Nebraska. I don't know if they still do that...Good times!

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