Thursday, November 20, 2008

Better late than never

As you can tell by the pictures- the kids had a blast! We hardly waited in any lines and did everything there was to do...multiple times! Thanks Grandma and Papa for a great trip!

Oh, and I don't want to forget to show pictures of "Little Sister's" very first gift from all of us. We went to build a bear in Downtown Disney for the first time and had fun picking out a very special little teddy bear for her!

First we put the stuffing in and Randy had to check if it was huggable enough!

Then after we each put a heart in, we tried to choose the perfect attire. There were so many choices! I really wanted to get something really girly and frilly. Nathan thought it looked good with a matching hat like his:

And of course in the end, this is what won. It is cute enough to be for a girl (see the little rinestones), yet she will always know her daddy and brothers got to help pick it out! And guess what we named it- Little Sister of course! (I know, we need help in the name dept!)
The boys are very anxious for her to come home so she can play with it. In fact, they have been really sweet lately when they pray for her each day- "Lord, please bring our little sister home really soon and keep her healthy too." It has been precious to be a part of these sweet prayers and I for one am ready for the day when those prayers are answered!!!

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