Saturday, November 1, 2008

Five years ago...

This was us- our first trip to Disneyland with the boys. It was a trip with the whole family and to this day it amazes me how much the boys remember about that time. Nathan had just turned 3, Jensen was almost 5 and Austin was 7 years old. Wow- they have grown so much!

Nathan's favorite is still Pluto! Look how little and cute he was!

We went again a few years ago. Again- loving Pluto!

And today, 5 years from that first trip, we are heading to the happiest place around with the whole fam again! And we are adding two more kids this time. Yep, 14 of us in all- for a whole week! And we have the most wonderful Papa and Grandma in the world to thank for it! We are excited! See you in a week... with plenty of pictures :-)

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Jenn said...

Hope you guys are having fun!

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