Thursday, July 9, 2009

She's almost 11 months old

And oh how I long to hold her.
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It has been 4 months and 1 week since first seeing our Elliana Sa-Rang.
4 months and 1 week since God revealed this little sister whom He had chosen for our family.

Next week our baby girl will be 11 months old. The most recent pictures we have of her are now 3 months old and I am getting anxious to see what she looks like now! I'm sure she has changed a lot in 3 months and I hope we will get some updated pictures soon.

Speaking of updates, we got an update from Korea about how Elliana is doing in her foster home and more about the foster family that she is with now. It was written up by her social worker after he visited their home in May. She is still very delayed for her age and we now have some concerns about some more things, but I am thankful that it seems as if the Lord is preparing us during this seemingly long wait for what may be to come. I refuse to live in fear over what could be, but admit that it has been a little scary at times. We will continue to trust Him with the future.

According to the report, here are a few fun tidbits about our girl:

*Turns over well and pushes on her tummy.

*Spins around and pushes up and down.

*Gathers both hands and regards them.

* Looks up when the foster mother calls her name.

*Babbles well and laughs loudly and giggles when she feels good. (I loved reading this- as I was worried she didn't smile or laugh!)

*Likes to take baths. (just like her brothers!)

*Is shy with strangers and frets when they try to play with her. (uh oh.)

*Takes 200cc of milk based formula every 4 hours and finishes up the bottle at a time. Puts hands on the bottle while feeding and feeds slowly while playing with the bottle.

*Takes some Gerber baby food, fruit, yogurt, cookies, bread, gruel and rice for weaning food. (she seems like a good eater!)

*Sleeps from 2:00am until 4:00am and takes 3 naps a day for an hour each. (Uh, we are going to HAVE to work on the sleeping habits. That sounds a little crazy!)

*Enjoys sleeps in a quiet environment with a dim light turned on. Moves much in her sleeps looking for cooler place.

*Sleeps on the floor with the foster mother.

And this was in the conclusion of the report. It made me cry with joy to hear how she is so loved and well taken care of. It is going to be hard for them to let her go when the time comes and hard for us to take her away and watch her grieve as well...

"Sa-ra is a bright little girl who is doing comfortably at the foster home. She is a cute and lovely little girl with fine skin and round face. She babbles loudly and likes when she is played by the foster mother. She likes when the foster mother holds her or tries to kiss on cheek. She welcomes family members with screaming when they return home from outside. The foster families become real happy when they watch such a lovely little child. She seems somewhat slow in overall development but is doing comfortably at this foster home. We hope that she will join her adoptive parents soon and continue to grow up as a healthy and happy little girl. "

I pray that she will join our family soon as we miss her so very much. But oh how we praise God for such a wonderful foster home for her to grow up in while we are waiting!
We know without a doubt that this precious girl was meant to be a part of our family and we cling to the hope that God hears and answers our prayers and He will use each part of this journey for His glory.

"Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is FAITHFUL."
Hebrews 10:23


Big House Creations said...

What a beautiful update. It sounds like Elliana is well cared for. I pray for you often and hope you will get to hold your little girl in your arms very soon!

Noel said...

I'm so glad you received and update! That has to be so encouraging and heartbreaking all at once. I love your verse at the end!! I'm going to frame it! I pray she comes home VERY soon!


Dave and Beth said...

I'm so happy you got an update but I know it doesn't replace holding her!! We are so blessed to have such wonderful foster families caring for our babies!! I wish I could take your pain away as I know how you are feeling!! Know your family is always in our prayers!!

Michelle said...

I really enjoyed your update. I just want you know know before I had ever checked your blog, I remember seeing your little girl's picture on the Holt boards and thought that she was absolutely beautiful. I will be praying that she is finally in your arms very soon!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Praying that your sweet Elliana is in your arms soon.

JoJo said...

I'm so glad you got an update on Elliana. I know it doesn't replace her being home, but it did give you strength.
I sooo hope she is with you soon.

Kim said...

LOVE the update Candice!! I hope she is home very soon! And I think you're doing great with this's no easy thing to do. Prayers coming your way!

I saw your comment on our blog...the pics were professionally taken by a friend of ours and she released the rights for us to print, so I just put that together through Costco! It was $14.99 for 50! And each additional set of 25 for just $4.99!

Waiting anxiously for your TC post!

Rhea Anne said...

Candice, You are on my mind so much and so is Elliana. I so hope you hear good news this week. What is holding you up? I know she will be just perfect and can't wait to see pics of you holding your baby girl. I love the 4th pics, especially the one with the glowing hat. Too cute. Your boys look like such sweeties. Praying you baby girl home. If you ever want to talk please feel free to call. 270-881-3935. I would love to chat with you and pray with you, Rhea Anne

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