Friday, August 14, 2009


Guess who discovered herself in the mirror last night?

Reflection 1
Taken with a Canon 50D
Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.4
Mode: Manual
Focal length: 50mm
Aperture: f/1.8
Exposure: 1/320
ISO: 1000

Reflection 2
Settings: same as above

These may not be the most creative or artistic, but they are so precious to me. After almost 3 weeks of being home, our baby girl is coming out of her shell a little more each day. After her bath we walked by the mirror and she caught a glimpse of herself and just started cracking up. I grabbed the camera and set her in front of the mirror to see what she would do. As you can see, she was quite taken with herself! And I must say that I was pleased with how well they came out despite the terrible bathroom lighting!

{ Just for fun I thought I'd participate in a little photography challenge at one of my favorite sites: We Picture This. The challenge this month was reflections. I still have so much to learn about photography and at the moment not much time to pursue it further. The contributors on this site are all moms who have a passion for the beauty and art of photography and I am inspired by each one of their posts! I have quite a long ways to go to be up to par, but the learning is really the fun part anyway! Click on the button to go to the site and see some of the amazing talent... }

we picture {this}


Kate said...

I love your photos. Mirrors are such great entertainers hey!!
It looked as though your little ones name is Elliana??
I just noticed because it is actually my little girls name too! You don't run across it all that often so I tend to notice it all the more when I do.
Just as a side note, my daughter who is now three is still very taken with the mirror!!
Great job.

Michelle said...

I have enjoyed reading all of your posts recently. It is fun to watch your family's story unfold. It was funny about the pjs our babies came with. I have to say it was neat to to read about Elliana and the mirror when I had just posted today about Claire smiling at and loving the mirror too! Your daughter is precious and God has really blessed your beautiful family!

Erin said...

I know that this one sign doesn't mean that you don't have to think about attachment BUT, I thought you would be encouraged. Elliana smiling at herself in the mirror is a GREAT sign of a healthy attachment. Look at #6 on this list:

jen@odbt said...

Those are great captures. I love those moments when they see themselves and just crack up.

Emily said...

Her expression is precious. It's a great capture and her little hand on the that shot.

Donna said...

These photos are so sweet! Something about seeing their own face always makes a baby smile! And it's contageous!


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