Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow Day 2010

Yep, around here we usually see snow one time per year. Well, not actually HERE where we live, but about an hour and a half drive up the mountains and there is usually enough snow to play around in. Really an hour and a half is not all that long of a drive, but when neither Randy or I are "snow people" (I would say we are most definitely "beach people") and we are too cheap to buy actual snow gear (so we usually end up very wet and cold) and half the passengers in the car are feeling queasy- once a year is MORE than plenty!

So last weekend we decided it was now or never. Austin was going to be leaving on a trip a few days later and it was a beautiful sunny day with no chance of rain or snow in sight. (translated:we are definitely too cheap to buy chains for our car, so we wouldn't dream of going up to the mountains with even a chance of snow- although I'm sure it would be lovely!)
We were blessed to be able to borrow enough snow gear for everyone except Randy- it made a huge difference!


Well, poor Elliana cried almost the entire way up there and then as we finally arrived to our destination (an overcrowded snow park) she proceeded to get sick all over everything. So now we know that she gets car sick. Yuck.
Yes, what a great start to our little adventure!

We wiped her up as best we could, made sure that the boys knew this outing was not going to be a super long one, zipped her up in this puffy marshmallow suit and went off to play.

She was not impressed.

I tried my best to sympathize with her...

But she only wanted her daddy.

And THEN she started smiling

He has a way of doing that...

The boys on the other hand set off immediately to the big hill and had a blast sledding down.

I tried my best to capture the action, but sometimes they were too fast!
These two had fun going down together- snow all in their faces!

Nathan and Daddy got going pretty fast
Snow flying everywhere!
I think Nathan got a little more than he bargained for!

But no worries- he was all smiles afterward!

And back up the hill for another run!

Elliana even went for a little ride! Once was enough for her.

Jensen as usual was a bit of a daredevil. Pretty much everytime he went down the hill you could hear atleast one or more people who were watching gasp or say whoah or something to that effect. Several times he almost smashed into a tree and every other time he flew off the sled and somersaulted down the rest of the way. Who needs the olympics when we have real life huh!
He even knocked a pretty large man down as he plowed right into him. Thankfully the man wasn't injured and was a pretty good sport about it. I SO wish I had that on video. Not that we would take delight in watching an innocent man get knocked down like that. No, we would never laugh at such a thing over and over...never.





Two hours later we were back in the car on our way home from our little snow adventure. Good memories. Fun had. Great pictures. Enough for us.
Goodbye snow- we'll see you next year!

Pismo beach- we'll be seeing you soon!


Ally said...

Looks like a fun trip and your pictures are just beautiful. I am not a cold girl either but I can handle all the snow we have been getting because I can stay nice and toasty inside.
Have a great weekend!

Jenn said...

SNOW DAY?! How fun. My kids keep BEGGING me when we can go to the snow, but it's hard finding a whole day that we can carve time out of. It will probably have to be one of those spur of the moments things. I'm glad you all had a blast. I wish we could've seen the innocent by-stander plowed down by your son. I'm sure it was great.
Awesome pictures.


I enjoyed looking over your blog.
You 're blog title is what caught my eye.
Great photos
You are more than welcome to visit my blog.

God Bless You, Ron

Mo said...

You are funny. We are soooo Pismo people too. Great pictures!

Noel said...

I love you photos!! They are so beautiful!! Little Eliana looked so did your boys!

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