Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some of her cuteness... {on video}

For Christmas Randy surprised me with a great little video camera and I have not stopped using it since! It's one of those tiny little ones that you can just put in your purse or pocket and have handy for whatever and it is much easier to upload the videos to the computer as well.

Well who do you think has gotten the most video coverage at our house?

Of course I just had to share a few! These were all taken last week and amazingly she is walking even better and sturdier this week! So go ahead and enjoy a few minutes of this sweet funny girl.

This first video was one of the first times she could stand up on her own. Love how she spins around and around before she actually stands up!

Without a doubt our girl LOVES music! She has a little cd player in her room and EVERY time we go into her room, she points to it and says her version of "music" until we turn it on. We bought a few Korean children's cd's while we were in Korea and I am so glad we did- it is her favorite music and she does her little dance every time she hears it.

Finally got this one on video.. here is our 17 month old reading her first book:
BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR! (yes, I realize that it the only thing she is saying, but boy is it cute!)

And this one is just a short clip of her walking around with her book- she calls this one brown bear too.

Oh I love this girl!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!


Michelle said...

I love these video clips. It is amazing to see how well she is doing! God is awesome!

Kimberly and Ed said...

Great video clips! I especially like the one of her reading "Brown Bear":-)

Ally said...

Oh My! Candace these are just adorable! I wish I would reach through the screen and give her a big hug. She is precious!! Thank you for sharing, it made my day:)

Kim said...

Fabulous Candace, just plain fabulous!

Allen and Kala said...

How cute!! She's come such a long way. Can I ask you what camcorder you are using? We are looking for one that matches what you described. Thanks!

Jenn said...

Super cute!

Dave and Beth said...

Too Adorable!!

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