Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If you live in the area...

And have a heart for the city and for lives to be transformed...

Come down this Thursday night to the FIFUL Block Party!

This is going to be awesome! There will be good food, music, tours of the Leadership Training Center, and a fun kid's corner with games and a bounce house. Our family has been looking forward to it for over a month now! It will be like an open house, so if you can't make it at 5:30- come whenever you can until about 8:00.

Do you live in Fresno and have never heard of FIFUL?

You might remember the Urban Dip we did with a few high school students a while back. I blogged about it HERE. That was put on by FIFUL. Our friends Phil & Rici Skei are an amazing young family who have a huge passion for the city (he is the director of FIFUL) and just have this way of helping you catch that vision. Every time we see them, Randy and I are just inspired to live differently and have dreamed about relocating from our pretty wealthy upper class side of town to some of the poorest neighborhoods in Fresno. Not sure what it all means, but we know that God has used them to get us out of our comfort zone to get involved and start praying about what direction He is taking us!

Well, what can I say except that I LOVE this ministry! They have such a vision and passion to train young people (and some older) to develop God's heart for the inner city and the people who live here. They partner with others all over the city and are making a dramatic impact in the lives of not only those in the poorest urban neighborhoods, but those in the church as well. This is their mission statement:
FIFUL exists to develop leaders who transform (spiritually, socially, economically, and physically) communities (campuses, churches, neighborhoods, and beyond) by loving God and loving their neighbors.

This block party is a fundraiser for the restoration of this old house in downtown Fresno that will become the new Leadership Training Center. We are so excited about this training center and can't wait to see how God is going to use it to transform even more lives for His glory.

So COME and bring the whole family this Thursday night to the block party and be a part of something bigger than just your own neighborhood. Be a part of a city-wide transformation!

Click on this picture to learn a lot more about FIFUL and all that they do.

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Jenn said...

Thanks for telling us about it!

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