Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy "Gotcha Day" to our sweet girl!


One year ago, only hours after we had brought our new daughter back to the hotel in Korea and into our lives forever, I wrote this. The pictures, words, and emotions of our time last summer are all still fresh in my mind. It was amazing and I am so glad I took the time then to type some of that out for Elliana to be able to read someday.

One day later, we were going through THIS. And it is just as fresh in my mind as the day before.
And once again I am thankful that I was able to put those emotions into words.

Because it reminds me that as beautiful and miraculous as adoption is,
I must not forget that adoption is born out of loss.

Loss of a child from her birthmother.

Loss of a child from her first and second foster families.

Loss of a child from her country, her people, her language.

And the intense loss of a mother who for unknown circumstances, couldn't raise the daughter she carried and birthed.

Yes, adoption is born out of tremendous loss, and I don't want to forget that part of my daughter's life. I don't think I can ever truly celebrate this day without thinking about all of it.

But praise God that there is SO MUCH TO GAIN!

We are really only at the beginning of our journey with Elliana. This year God has done so much in her little life and it has been such a joy and a priveledge to witness His faithfulness to our family. It is definitely not always easy and wonderful, but when you know that you are following Christ and His plan for your life, there is this joy and peace that some even in the midst of the difficulties.


I am working on a little video of our first year together. I had hopes of having it done today, but of course things don't always work out like they should and mama's aren't supposed to get sick either!  

Happy 1st "Gotcha Day" to our Elliana Sa-rang!!!

And in case you missed this last year... (long, but worth it! :-) )


Big House Creations said...

Happy Gotcha Day! You are a blessed little girl!

Dave and Beth said...

Happy Gotcha Day! Think of you all often. Many blessings & Much love!!

Christi said...

Beautiful, sweet friend!

Ron, Erin and Greyson said...

I LOVED reading your blog! Elliana is beautiful! We are in process to adopt from Korea. Fingerprints Friday :). Your blog is inspirational!!!

Alison said...

Elliana is so beautiful!!! I believe that our daughter shares her foster mom :) Would love to connect!

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