Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We are finally here

Just wanted to update really quick that we are finally here after a crazy 3 days of traveling! Long story really short, our first flight was delayed, so we switched tickets, jumped into a rental car, drove 3 hours to LAX, got on a plane to Dubai, 4 hour layover, got on a plane to Bahrain, 4 hour layover, got on a plane to Addis Ababa, made it in around 8:15am, drove 5 hours to Awassa. Phew! And if you were wondering where in the world Dubai and Bahrain are- they are in the Middle East! When I said this was going to be an adventure I had NO IDEA the adventure would literally start the moment we arrived in the airport in Fresno! Paul was great to travel with and I think the three of us handled the circumstances pretty well considering what we had gone through!

So despite our 40+ hours of traveling, we are still excited to finally be here in Ethiopia. It is Tuesday night here and we are gearing up for a super busy day tomorrow, so I am finally going to get some sleep under this lovely mosquito net! And big bummer, the internet is slow and is not uploading my pictures to my blog, so unfortuately you'll have to wait for those super exciting fabulous pictures of us hanging out in 5 different airports-lol! I hope to be able to figure it out soon, otherwise I'll just post the pictures when we get back. Our team is great and we are in love with Ethiopia already. It's like it feels like we have been here before, but of course we haven't. There is just something about it.

It is a BEAUTIFUL country and no words of mine could do it justice right now.
Thank you Lord that we are FINALLY here!

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