Friday, March 25, 2011

Check out this big giveaway to help orphans in Ethiopia! It ends TODAY!

Kim over at the Change Me Crew is having this amazing giveaway to benefit orphans at El Olam orphanage in Ethiopia!

I ended up participating in her fabulous giveaway last week and was super excited to help orphans AND win a blog makeover from Adopt Africa Designs! EEK! I am so excited to get started and yet I have no idea what I want it to look like! :) So, it may take awhile for you to see the finished results!

Kim put a lot of work into this giveaway, got some amazing people to donate, and last week they were able to raise $200 for the kids at El Olam Orphanage! (Which means "Our God reigns) She will be visiting this orphanage herself this summer and I know several people who have already been there as well. This week's giveaway is even more AMAZING and you seriously have got to check it out like RIGHT NOW! Because, well... it ends TODAY! Sorry for the last minute notice! But you still have several hours to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of some incredible kids as well as have a chance to win some really cool prizes. EVERY dollar donated will make a difference! Even $10 or $20 goes a LONG way in Ethiopia- believe me, I have seen it first hand!

So what are you waiting for??? Get on over there and join in on the BIG, BIG GIVEAWAY TO MAKE A BIG, BIG DIFFERENCE for the kids at El Olam in Ethiopia! 

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