Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Trying to be patient... and an update on our patient!

Ok, so I apologize to those who were watching the blog yesterday waiting for an update! I updated FB and kind of forgot to let everyone else know what was going on. Sorry!

The news about court is that we *think* our case passed because I was able to talk with our friend Fekadu afterwards and he said that the family part is completed. This is an awesome thing and we were excited to hear that. BUT, he wasn't actually there in court,  so we don't know if the judge approved our family to be N and M's parents. We are so wanting to celebrate, but are very very cautious. Our agency was clueless and had not received an email from Ethiopia. Which means they really had no official news to tell me. Which makes me pretty nervous. Soooo once again we are sitting here WAITING. Waiting to hear if we passed court and can tell the world about our son and daughter, OR waiting to hear if the judge said no and therefore have to book tickets to leave for Ethiopia in A WEEK!
*I may or may not be a little anxious here. Oh my.

In other news, we got up bright and early (not that I really even slept!) yesterday morning to take Elliana in for her surgery. We literally picked her up our of bed and put her in the car half asleep. A few minutes later, this is how she looked- she was happy to be on a special trip with just mommy and daddy:

We got to the ENT surgery center and after filling out paperwork they called us back to Elliana's special bed. At first she was pretty happy and quite funny. She was chatting with the nurses and wanting to sing. We just told her the dr was going to take her to go night night in the other room and then we would see her soon. This is when she started getting a little nervous. They gave her toys and color crayons, but she mostly just wanted to be close to me and Randy.

 She got all dressed and ready to go, picked out bubble gum anesthesia to breathe in and then the nurse whisked her away.

We only waited about 20 minutes before the dr came out and told us the surgery was over- super fast! He said that her adenoids were huge and blocking her airways almost completely. He said she will be like a new kid when she's all healed up and can actually breathe! We had to wait a little longer before we could go in and see her, and when we did she had just started to wake up. Oh my- was she MAD! She screamed and thrashed and was just a mess for awhile, so Randy and I took turns holding her. She was in some pain, but mostly just out of sorts because of the anesthesia and she would yell at the nurse every time she came back in to check on her. She was not happy anymore!

After about an hour, we were on our way home. She was so relieved to get out of that place!

She was a screaming mess for a little while, but once we were home for a decent amount of time she was ready to go night night in her own bed. She slept for 3 hours! Amazingly, she woke up feeling so much better and downed two Jello cups in a matter of minutes! Um yeah- I think we are getting our girl back!

For the rest of the afternoon/evening she got progressively more happy and actually started getting crazy wild and hyper. I mean so wild that she was downright naughty- even grabbing a salad plate off the counter and throwing it on the floor to watch it shatter! It's like she's drunk on all the oxygen she's now getting! :)
I can only expect that she will continue to do well and once she's all healed up she might have even more energy- uh oh!

Thanks so much for praying for our sweet girl and for our continued adoption drama. It is so hard to be patient! I know that God is in control and He hears us when we cry out to Him. He will not forsake us! I hope to have good news today, but who knows?!

Those who know your name trust in you, 
   for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.  

Psalm 9:10

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