Friday, December 2, 2011

FB status update.

No time to post a formal update right now, but I know some of you have been watching and praying and waiting. So here's my status update from about 5 minutes ago:

Tickets booked. We leave on Tuesday 10AM. The judge wasn't there, so we must go. Thrilled to see N and M even if it's only for a day, but at a loss to know how to even process this. We were going to go get our Christmas tree after school today. Instead I have been on the phone and emailing all morning. No school has been done. Elliana peed all over her bed. Kids are fending for themselves. Help! Lord, we give all of this to you. You must have some plan and we praise you for giving us the opportunity to use us. We praise you even in this storm...

God is good even in this. I'll post more when I get a chance.


Jenn said...

thinking of you constantly.
what a fight and a roller coast of emotions you have been on.
Love you guys.

Dizzy said...

Candice - All I can say is praying and hugs. Deep breathes and believe in that there is reason for everything.

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