Thursday, March 1, 2012

We're here and having a blast!

So, yeah we've been here for a few days already and just now able to post a little something.
Our travel was long but pretty uneventful. The last flight from Germany was actually roomy, as we each had an empty seat next to us so we were able to spread out for a little bit. :)  
We got here late Tuesday night and had a good night's sleep before seeing the kids the next day. Wednesday morning Nati and Mihret came to the guest house and greeted me with their big familiar smiles and hugs. My mom teared up at the sight of her newest grandchildren and of course they had big hugs for her too. This was just a few minutes after we were back together.

We took the kids up to the room and showed them their new things. They were pretty excited about their backpacks filled with goodies for the plane ride and their new clothes and shoes too. I asked them if they wanted to change into some of their clothes. They both said yes and then without prompting Nati decided that he needed a shower before putting on those clothes. ;) So they both got cleaned up and came out ready to get on with the day. 

Our wonderful driver, guide and dear friend, Dani took us to lunch at Lucy's- a kind of touristy restaurant- and the kids picked burgers as their first meal out. While we were waiting, I pulled out my phone and they discovered the exciting games of fruit ninja and angry birds. They have been hooked on the phone ever since! Oh boy. Between the burgers and the games- they will fit right into the Wagenleitner clan. 

Next we drove to Entoto mountain, where we got a very thorough tour of the museum and the first king of Ethiopia- Menelik's palace. It was interesting. We toured the grounds where there was the first church as well.

As we were driving down the mountain, Dani asked us if we wanted some coffee. My mom and I both were thinking along the same lines and figured- sure we can stop and buy some coffee. We had just been talking about buying some to take home with us and I was thinking since we were in the middle of no where, maybe it would be even cheaper. Imagine our surprise when we stopped and parked in the middle of the road to get out. We were parked on a fairly steep hill, so Dani made sure his car wouldn't roll and set the parking brake. (This was a medium sized rock placed under the back tire!)
We got out and climbed up the hill and some women set a few little stools out for us. One look around and we realized we weren't going to be buying coffee beans, but we were sitting down at a little outdoor "cafe" and being served some real Ethiopian coffee. 

We have a few photographers on our hands. :)

The view from the mountain was really pretty- you can see the whole city from there... well almost. If it weren't for all of the smog in the air. 

We did actually make our coffee bean purchase after coming down from the mountain. No one can come to Ethiopia and not buy coffee! 

Stayed tuned for more of our crazy and fun adventure in Ethiopia tomorrow! :)


Anonymous said...

positively glorious and lusciously inspiring! Blessings of ease, peace, provision, and favor as you all transition as a family. Thanks for loving the nations so well.

The Princess and the Tot said...

Oh Candice, I am so happy for you all! I continue to pray for each of you, and for safe travels. Blessings to you as your beautiful family grows!

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