Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just about packed and ready...

Look at all this STUFF! And this is only the medical supplies! Where are all of our clothes going to go?

We want to thank everyone who donated so generously and in such a quick amount of time to this project. As you can see, the Lord multiplied what we had originally thought we'd be taking and we are working on getting it all divided among our luggage. At last check, after I had carefully packed my huge suitcase full, it ended up weighing 64 pounds! (The max weight is 50 lbs)Who knew 40 bottles of children's vitamins and multiple misc items would be so heavy?Uh, I guess it's back to square one- now where is that extra 14 pounds going to go? I guess I could go without my 6th pair of shoes in order to make more room... Ha- just kidding! (about the shoes ;-) )

We are going to be on our way in just a few hours and have already felt your prayers for us. It has been a tough couple of days, but we are now just about ready for this adventure!

The boys arrived at "Grandma Camp" this afternoon to discover that in addition to all the fun things that they have planned, they are going to be helping Papa build a tree house in the backyard! Wow- is that every kid's dream or what? Um, I'm not sure that they'll even notice we're gone! We, on the other hand will for sure be missing them- please continue to pray for us!

We'll be back in 10 days with much to share I'm sure! Now, off to get all this stuff packed!!!

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