Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A precious little nephew

Just wanted you all to check out our newest nephew who actually resides in Russia right now...

Check out Ryan and Allyson's blog... They really have a way of capturing their experiences into words and you will fall in love with little Samuel Matvey. You can read all about him over there. We have had the wonderful priveledge of seeing God's hand through this whole process, even though it is such a different experience for them than it was when they adopted Noah 3 years ago. It is awesome to watch God take over when we step out in faith and that is exactly what they have done.
I think adoption is one of the most beautiful things we can experience in our lives... both human adoption, and God's adoption of us into His family are such a wonderful part of His master plan and it is amazing to be a part of it! We can't wait until little Matvey joins the family for good!

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