Friday, September 12, 2008

Another adoption update: just waiting.

So, I have been told by a few that I have not been posting enough on the blog and especially not enough about the adoption. Well, to tell the truth as far as our adoption goes there's not anything super huge happening at the moment and as far as everything else goes, there's ALWAYS a lot going on at any given moment!

One exciting thing that happened this week was that we had our fingerprints done for USCIS (immigration)! We waited a little over a month to get the letter to come in for this appointment and now we wait another month or two or three to get the approval back, which is the I171h. This is a huge thing when you are adopting from other countries that require it to be done before you can send your dossier, but for us since we are already on "the list" for Korea it doesn't make a big difference in our waiting time unless we were to get a refferal in the next month or two.

Which brings me to the next piece of information that everyone wants to know: "When will she come home?"

Well, to be honest I don't really know. It all happens in God's timing. We have been told to expect a wait from 10-12 months from the time our homestudy is approved for a refferal. Our homestudy was approved on July 18th so according to Holt's timeframe we should be seeing our little girl's sweet face sometime in early summer of next year.

But we are also on a waiting list for a little one with some special needs, and we are told that depending on what we are open to, we could get a call as early as the beginning of the year. Either way, after the referral we will still have another 3-5 month wait until everything is processed for her to be able to come home. Keep checking the sidebar on the right for more of the timeline as well.

And so we wait. For whoever God has for us. We know that the Lord has the perfect little sister for our family already chosen- what a day that will be when He reveals who that special one will be!

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