Saturday, September 13, 2008

The ever-growing list

One of the things that always makes waiting for anything easier is to keep busy to make the time go by faster. Well, technically we aren't needing or even wanting one more thing to be busy with right now, but as you all know I am just so excited to be having a baby! It's like a long long pregnancy, without the sickness. Our adoption books and other people have given suggestions of things to do while you are in this waiting stage, I think especially when it is your first child and it seems like forever, you need to keep busy. But for us, having 3 active boys and many responsibilites as well- it makes time fly by almost too fast and we must make a point to slow down sometimes! (see my post on seizing the day)

But, ask anyone who knows me- I am a list maker. I make lists for LOTS of things. I don't know why but just writing things down so that someday I can cross them off again helps me live a little easier. Now, I must confess that a lot of the time I won't ever check things off my lists, or i may even lose the list- but for some reason, just having had it written down motivates me. Call me crazy.

Ok, so my whole point is that I, of course, have made a list.
It's not so much a list of things to keep us busy while we wait for Little Sister, as it is a motivation to get some things done before our life changes dramatically! Things are going to be VERY different around here!
Some things may be a little lofty, while others are lame and are on there because I happened to be thinking about it at that moment (like cleaning out our closets). Anyway, I am posting (most of) the list and plan to come back to check off anything that is completed before she comes home! Knowing me, I will probably keep adding to it as well! Be sure to ask how it's going.
It really is an ever-growing list...

Things To Do Before Little Sister Comes Home:
*Save $$$
*Clean out hall closets
*Organize our closet
*Clean out garage (yikes!)
*Take a photography class
*Paint Jensen & Nathan's room
*Make a gated area for Biscuit (our wild dog)
*Learn how to make a Korean dish
*Learn more about Korean culture and language (We were just matched with a Korean int. student- maybe she can help me with these two!)
*Go on another short-term mission trip
*Run a 5k and then a 10k
*Volunteer for an inner-city mission org.
*Organize pictures (what a task!)
*Paint our bedroom
*Set up my desk in kitchen
*Plan and take the boys on at least 2 field trips
*Have an adoption fundraising event (not sure what yet- yard sale, bake cookies, raffle, etc?)
*Learn how to sew
*Mobilize more people to be a part of missions and adoption.
*Start a life-book for our little girl

***Paint and Decorate A GIRLY ROOM!
***Go shopping! :-)
(Do I really need to put this on the list??!!)

That's all for now!


Meg said...

YFC's "City Life" ministry is really taking off! You should call sometime to see when you can stop by.
This summer New Cov redid our garage and made it into a community center. Another group redid Kelley's office and another big office to be a homework help center. There's tons of opportunities at YFC to help in the inner city ministry.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were adopting! We have stuff to talk about next time I see you :) Remember awhile back at the 10 year reunion when we were both talking about adopting? Two years later and it looks like it will happen! Pretty exciting stuff! God is Good!!!! Are you doing the Thursday bible study again? I wish we were in the same group this time. I guess with 200 + ladies that probably won't happenn (unless we request). I am bringing two friends with me this time so it should be a fun semester.

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