Sunday, February 1, 2009

9 Months

Today marks 9 months since we officially started our journey to bring a daughter into our family.
And guess how I am feeling?
To be honest, I am feeling about how I did at 9 months pregnant!
Tired, anxious, emotional, and ready to see this baby's face! The only difference is that I can't tell myself that there are only a few more weeks left, because I have no idea how many weeks and months we have left! I know I have nothing to complain about at all. I have friends that have been waiting much longer than I have, 2 friends in particular that have had their child's picture for a very long time and yet don't have their children home with them yet!
It has been a rough couple of weeks with some changes for our family (more on that later) and I am constantly being reminded that God's timing is perfect.

We are still trying to raise the funds needed to make this adoption happen, and trust that He will provide when it is needed. February is a new month and my prayer is that we will see her face this month. I am starting to take pictures again, so if you are interested in having your pictures done for a donation to our adoption, please let me know!

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