Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The "Man" Beds

This may sound a little odd, but for Christmas our two younger boys went on a treasure hunt to find.... a can of paint and some bed sheets! Yes, I know that doesn't sound super exciting- especially to an 8 and 9 year old, but they were actually excited when they realized they were getting a little room-makeover.
So, 2 days after Christmas I painted the room a grayish/blue color and started to have a dilema about the furniture situation. When you are trying to have two growing boys share a 10x10 room with only 1 real furniture wall AND make it cute and functional- you run into a few problems. We wanted to do their room with the future in mind, you know, more pre-teen rather than little-kid room. But the bunk beds just weren't going to cut it for very much longer. But, we also couldn't afford to go out and spend a fortune on good-quality beds that would last them awhile.
What to do? While we pondered, they enjoyed sleeping on mattresses on the floor for awhile!

Well, it was Randy and his dad to the rescue! They came up with a plan and actually built two MAN BEDS to custom fit the boys' room! They are called man-beds because they are pretty bulky & heavy duty and will last them until they move out of the house! And if the boys grow up to be close to the size of their daddy, they need those beds to be sturdy!

They did such a good job. Honestly I was pretty skeptical most of the time, but when i saw them finished and in the room... wow, I am so impressed! Custom beds for a fraction of the price! Here are some pictures from last weekend when they were all finished.

In the room, before everything else was put in. Just look at that craftsmanship!!!

They worked so hard

The joyful recipients and the workers stop to pose in the finished room.

Jensen is very excited about his "new room!"

Nathan is not so excited about Austin getting on his new bed!

They built Jensen's loft-style bed with space underneath for a place to play Legos- awesome!
A cool Lego table we found to go perfectly in there. (My goal is to get ALL of the Legos out of the playroom, which will be little sister's room soon, and into their room... it is slowly happening!)

The new style is kind of a modern/city/ transportation theme. This one of the pictures on the wall. I love their new room... and so do they!

And of course we love the Man-Beds!


Mom Of Many said...

I love the man beds and I love the quilts on top!! (I love quilts!!)Very handsome for your handsome sons!!

JohnnaB said...

Love it...I may need to get the plans to the man beds!

Wibeche og Rune said...

You do a good job:)

This is my first time I visit your blog, and I found your blog very interesting:)


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