Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The anniversary party and a little photog talk

My grandparent's 50th anniversary party was beautiful and the video that I spent countless hours and sleepless nights making turned out fantastic. There is a long story that goes along with it, including computers crashing and all, but I don't need to go into all that- so I'll just quickly say that someone got a new laptop out of the deal... not planned at all, but sweet none the less. Have I mentioned how amazing my husband is? :-) Honestly though, watching their faces (and tears) as it played made every minute spent on that thing worth it. (Although I have vowed to not even attempt another video until it is of our baby's gotcha day, which will be quite awhile.)

The party was at their church, and the lighting was not very good at all, not to mention my lens is not an indoor/low-light lens, and my camera is super slow... so I am really disappointed that the pictures I took turned out crummy. I really was trying hard to not use the flash by raising the ISO and opening up the aperture as wide as possible, but it just wasn't cutting it. Only a few pictures even came out without being blurry. :-( So sad. I am so ready for a new camera/lens, but I know I will have to be patient and figure out how to use this one as good as I can for now. $$$ (or lack thereof) being the major thing stopping me right now from going out and getting that Canon 50d and a 50mm 1.4!

My Grandma and her 4 lovely daughters. She looks so happy in this picture, which is a big deal because she hates having her picture taken- I love how she is laughing.

Me and my mom. I don't have many pictures with her, so I am glad we made someone take it!

Speaking of photography, (um, when am I not?) I am SUPER excited...

Wanna know why?

I got IN to an online class here and it starts on Monday- yay! I am so happy I got in, considering the last online class I tried to get into a few weeks ago filled up in like the first 15 seconds or something like that. (and believe me, I tried my darndest to be in that first 15 seconds!) It is a very popular beginning photography class and the instructor's name is Candice, so how can I go wrong?!! I am looking forward to being challenged and learning how to get into that manual mode! Like I really need one more thing to keep me busy, but I am SO excited about this photography thing. I'll let you know how it goes!

Here are a few more random pictures from the past few weeks I just wanted to throw out there for no particular reason but just because I can.

This little boy is a part of our homeschool group. He has the most beautiful eyes (I know you can't really tell when it's in b&w) but he has the most serious expressions. I find myself taking pictures of him every week just because he is so cute and mysterious! I love this one.

Last week at homeschool group, Nathan's class did centerstage, where each kid goes up in front of everyone and shares something. It's good practice for public speaking. Nathan, as usual was quite funny with his silly jokes and magic tricks. He is so much like his daddy.

This is where we went last week as well! Yes - that is CHINA!!!

Ok, not really. But we did go to the museum and learned about winged dinosaurs from China. It was ok, but I got in trouble for trying to take pictures of the exhibits, so uh, this is the only picture I got and now that i think about it I'm probably supposed to delete it or something. oops.

And last is a picture of a ladybug that one of the kids found outside at homeschool group. (I told you they were random pictures!) I'm not sure about Korea, but I know in the world of Chinese adoption a ladybug spotting is a sign of good luck. So while I'm not really one for luck and all that stuff, i must say that I am hopeful that we could get that call about our little Korean girl soon. ;-) March is almost here... Come on referral!


Meg said...

Congrats on getting into the class!!

I'm pinching pennies, someday I'll get the 50mm 1.8 lens, since it's a lot cheaper than the 1.4! I think you should go with one of the Rebel bodies... they're get for non-professionals, but they're still hardcore. I have the Rebel XT, which is absolutely amazing. A whole lot cheaper than the 50D.
I hardly ever use it these days :X its not as portable as my point-n-shoot.

Ally said...

What a sweet party! I guess I will be seeing around Jessica Sprague too! I am also taking the class and feel your pain about the other selling out so fast! Urgh!! But, have heard lots of good things and am very glad to be a part of this class!

Jessica said...

Yaaaay! It's so much fun getting into a class! I just told my husband I am going to try and find another one right after I finish this one...we'll see. I think you take great photos. I hope we can keep in touch while we both learn :)

BTW...Have you tried adjusting your white balance? It has made a big difference for me when the lighting is not good...just a thought.


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