Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just hanging/ climbing around

Since Jensen and Nathan are both starting up baseball this week, we decided to let Austin try something different and fun for exercise... climbing! This is not something he had ever really done before but he is learning fast and loving it! I actually believe it is good therapy for him. We got him a pass for a couple of months to try while his brothers are busy with baseball and part of the deal is he gets two guests each month. So on Saturday since it was raining and we didn't have much else to do, we all went down to Yosemite fitness and used those two passes and let the 3 boys climb and climb and climb! They had a good time and got some energy out and it was a fun way to kill a few hours on a rainy day. I only got a few pictures and they aren't all that great again with my non low light lens on my camera (see post below).

Look how high that seems- the picture actually makes it look bigger than it really was! Go Jensen...

Austin loves having something to be proud of and that he accomplished. Last night he was so excited because he got to the top of one of the hard ones.

Concentrating on trying to make it to the top

Our boys have always been climbers. It started when they would climb up on the table, then climbing trees, now pretty much anywhere they can. It's fun now to have someplace to take them where they can really climb, and not get in trouble for it!


Tisha said...

Hi Candice,

I just found your blog; it is terrific!!! Tiffany Beckwith told me about it. Her son, Kyle, and Sloan are in the same kindergarten class at FCS.

I am thrilled to learn about your adoption plans. You are on an exciting journey! I wish that everyone could experience this miracle! I will be faithfully following along, and praying that you will soon be holding your precious new baby in your arms.

Tisha McDonald
P.S. Your boys are adorable!!!!

Meg said...

I was about Austin's age when I first started climbing -- its so much fun!!! Hopefully I can get back into it someday soon!

Sunny Mom said...

We are adopting from Korea through Holt also. So glad I found your blog! Are you on the waiting child list for special needs?

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