Friday, March 27, 2009

3 beautiful girls and I started another blog!

Last weekend I spontaneously got to take 3 of our neighbor girls on a little photo shoot near our house. It was just about to pour, but we manged to get a few good ones before the rain started!

To see more, visit my new blog at

I started it to have a place where I could post a few pictures of each family I take pictures of and to let others know about Pictures for a Purpose. For now it is simply a fundraising effort, but maybe someday it will turn into an actual business. I have A LOT more to learn before that happens though! I am working on making it look cuter, but don't have the time to mess with all that right now- so it's very basic.

Go ahead and check it out and let me know what you think.


Meg said...

Since you got a domain, if you want help setting up wordpress or need a place to host it let me know! We have unlimited space & would love to help you out!

M, A and C too! said...


Missed meeting you at Amanda's Shower, but totally understand that the PIP classes had to get done!

I was wanting to ask you about the photography class you started the day you got your referral- would you mind pm'ing me on the BB about it?

OH- and GREAT pictures- I espcially love the one of your son in B&W with the hat sideways- very handsome kid!

Amanda (C's mom)

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