Sunday, April 26, 2009

Too sweet not to share


I got to take this little guy's pictures the other day. I posted them on the pictures for a purpose blog, but since I have one follower (thanks Jess!) I thought you all might want to check out this sweet little baby boy for yourselves. So go over to the other blog for more.


P.S I know they are cut off on the right. It's because my page is too narrow. Anyone know how I could fix that?


heather said...

Your new daughter is beautiful. I will keep you all in my prayers. Thanks for sharing your journey! Oh, and of course this little boy in the pictures you took is are quite the talented photographer.

heather said...

Candice, I just wanted to share a blog with you. A friend from high school and his wife are adopting from Korea. Whenever I read either of your blogs, I think "these girls need to talk!" :)

Rebecca said...


Are you using Blogger to upload? Or hosting your photos somewhere else? Maybe I can help...


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