Sunday, May 31, 2009

12 Years

12 years ago today Randy and I committed to each other for a lifetime.
At 17 and 18 years old, we were pretty nervous and had no idea of what lay ahead.
I was a baby Christian and very immature. He was strong and (somewhat) stubborn.
Neither of us knew the first thing about being married and raising a baby.
Honestly I wonder how many people thought to themselves, this won't last more than a year.
There were certainly reasons and statistics to back that up.
It was hard those first years.
And yet it was the beginning of the story that God is still writing.
Our story.

What an amazing 12 years God has brought us through- by His grace alone.
I can't wait to see what He has in store for the next 12 (and 50 more!)

Someday I'll write it all down...

At my friend's wedding last year (who was my maid of honor!)

Serving the Lord together in Mexico last summer.

The closest I could find to a picture from 1997. This was about 7 months or so after we were married.


Tisha said...

Happy Anniversary! Your marriage and your family is a testimony to the Lord's faithfulness and provision. Thank you for sharing your story.


Liz said...

I lvoe your story! Congrats.

Noel said...

Your story sounds like our story...We will celebrate 14 years together this coming July. We marvel at how God has grown us up and blessed us with a great teenager (who knew??) and fabulous kiddos. I know my marriage is COMPLETELY God's hand. Without him, we woudln't have made it. HE has been SO incredibly good to us; so generous so patient, so kind, I can't even express it. I am completely undeserving of His grace. I am reminded of this daily. To God be the Glory.

Jenn said...

Happy anniversary!
I've loved knowing you guys and hearing about all God is doing in your lives.

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