Thursday, July 2, 2009

He's Home!

Welcome to America, Little Ji!!!

After a very difficult journey, this precious boy is finally home with his family. We are praising the Lord for all He has done in this sweet family's life. They have truly been an example to us. Today was a difficult day for them I know, as they went to the memorial service for Bryan's mother after just returning home last night. Truly they are depending on the Lord for strength moment by moment.

He LOVED the balloons we brought. I'm pretty sure it was his first experience with them- he was mesmorized!




Goofing around with one of his new sisters

Mama introduces him to some of the family

Getting to know some new friends

He was fascinated with ice and kept taking some out of Bethany's cup to put into his!

Brr, cold hands!

This little guy is so sweet and SO active! Don't let the fact that he only has one working leg fool you... He is downright FAST! I chased him trying to get a picture as he hopped around the house and he did not sit still for more than a second! Which explains why I got a lot of blurry pictures! :-) He is quite the social one, and I can't wait to see him again!

Welcome Home Team Wong! We missed you and are still praying for you...

P.S. In case you missed the other post, you can read about their journey to Little Braxton Ji HERE.


Our Family said...

HI Candice! Well, as for an update there's not much. I talked to our director last week and she said that Averi's paperwork was finally finished in Korea(which I'm thinking is EP) but it'll still be at least 4-5 weeks away. Ahhh.....I couldn't believe it. We really thought she would be home in June and now it's looking more like August. I'm just praying praying that she'll be home before her birthday. I know you are hopeing for the same thing as well with your daughter. It's just so frustrating...the not knowing! I know God has a plan and when she's finally home we're not going to even remember that we had to wait a few extra weeks to bring her home. The joy of having her home will wipe all that away. Praying that you get good news as well very soon. Hey....maybe we'll be in Korea the same time! :)
Carla S.

Rhea Anne said...

Oh how wonderful. He is precious. I have been praying for this family. It is so great seeing them all smiling. Hope to hear good news for you guys. I just want all our babies home. Have a great restful, worry free
4th of July. Blessings my friend, Rhea Anne

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