Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today is the day!

We got home from the beach yesterday and are leaving for Korea this afternoon! Crazy! But oh so exciting!!!

And guess who is 11 months old TODAY??!!

We got an update from Korea yesterday and she is 16 pounds and 26 inches tall! Yay!

***Just wanted to update quickly with our itinerary for those family and friends who were wondering...

We leave our house at 4:00pm today and drive to LAX, stopping for dinner on the way.
12:10AM Flight leaves (Korean Air.)
4:30AM SATURDAY: Arrive in South Korea! Go through customs, drive an hour to hotel, leave luggage at desk and kill time until check-in at 3:00pm.
SUNDAY: Explore Seoul!
MONDAY: 10:00 AM: We meet Elliana and her foster mom at the Holt-Korea office!
TUESDAY: City Tour of Seoul
WEDNESDAY: 3:00PM: Forever Family Day- Elliana is ours!
THURSDAY & FRIDAY: Bonding as a family with our new baby and experiencing more of Korean culture.
SATURDAY July 25th: 11:15AM (Korea Time) Leave Seoul.
SATURDAY July 25th: 9:10AM (CA Time) Arrive in L.A. (I know weird huh?!)
Get through customs/immigration and drive to home sweet home!
Arrive home around 5 or 6?

Well, there you have it! This will be the last post until we are in Seoul and settled in the hotel.
So check back here on Friday night or Saturday morning for the first post from Korea!

Can you tell we are SO excited? We have SO much to do still, but I am excited that it is so close now!

We covet your prayers while we are away. Will you pray for us?
*Safety as we travel.
*That we would be able to sleep most of the flight there- especially the boys.
*No sickness!
*That the Lord would give us a sense of peace and calmness, as Randy and I have been anxious and a little stressed about getting it all done.
*That God would already be preparing our little girl's heart to receive us and that she would bond and attach to us.
*That she would be able to look me in the eyes.
*That us and the boys will have an unforgettable experience connecting to Elliana's culture.
*For the Foster family, especially the foster mother, who just loves on our baby and will experience a significant loss after Wednesday. I can't imagine how hard that will be.
*And for Elliana. That she would accept our comforting as she grieves her omma. And would begin the process of learning to trust us as her family who is never going to leave or abandon her.

We love you all so very much!


Big House Creations said...

Many prayers for a safe and healthy trip. Enjoy yourselves!

Kelly said...

YAY!!! Praying you have an amazing journey!!!

Elliana is such a tiny peanut!!!!!! Briar was 18 lb. when she came home at 11 months and I thought she was small!!!

Anne said...

How exciting! Thanks for sharing with us. We'll be praying.

Noel said...

Have a GREAT time!

Jenn said...


Dave and Beth said...

Many many blessings for your flight to Korea!! Happy 11 months Elliana!!

Anonymous said...

We are very excited with you...little anxious to get your call that you are checked in and ready for your praying constantly!

Anonymous said...

Hi Candice!
It's Friday evening here in California & I keep checking for an update. Praying you had a FABULOUS flight and are well rested for your adventure to Elliana...can hardly wait for an update! In Christ, Pamela (Pamelabous, Holt BB)

M, A and C too! said...


I'm with Pamela! It's friday night and I am so anxious to see an update and know that you are having the trip of a lifetime! You, the boys and Elliana are in my prayers!


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