Thursday, August 20, 2009

One month ago...

We held the most beautiful baby girl we had ever seen.
gotcha day export-3

One month ago since all of the waiting became a reality and we were finally face to face (or should I say cheek to cheek) with our daughter.
gotcha day export-8

What an amazing day it was. One we will never forget.

And today one month later, we are still completely in love with our little Korean princess and are still pinching ourselves that she is home and a part of our family.

Little miss Elliana has already brought such joy to our lives and such a tenderness to our boys that I have never seen before. They adore their little sister and each have their own way of wanting to help with her every day. She was so happy when they came home from the beach last week and is loving the constant attention she is getting from them! She is doing better with each day that goes by and is beginning to know and even want me as her mommy! She wakes up in the morning so happy and smiles and laughs when she sees me. She still loves Daddy and gets very excited to see him at any time of the day! I feel so blessed!

I have had those moments lately where I am just in awe of God's timing and perfect plan to work all things together for His good. I remember clearly years ago when He first stirred the desire to adopt in me, and how I thought I had it all planned out. He certainly had other plans and oh how I am so grateful that we answered the call and did things in His timing.
I know this sounds so cliche' especially when we have only had her a month, but honestly I can't imagine any other child but this precious girl in our family right now. God truly places the lonely in families- I believe that with all my heart.

What about you? Do you believe that? Will you open your heart to what James 1:27 says? Though the command in James to care for orphans is clear, it is not limited to a select few. No one can do it all, but all can do something with God’s help. All it takes is one decision, one step of faith, to make a lasting difference for a child. Will you be that person to make a difference? Take that step of faith and help the over 143 million orphans in the world through prayer, sponsoring, giving, going on mission trips to care for the least of these, adoption or all of the above!

We know that this is only the beginning and that the Lord is not through with us yet. We want to be used for the Kingdom in any and all ways possible, but don't know what that looks like for the future.
For this moment though, it looks a little something like this:
American Girl
American Girl 2
She is no longer an orphan! Praise God!

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to care for orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
James 1:27


Leah said...

I just happened to be on my google reader and this post just popped up. Beautiful! I somehow happened onto your blog (God's leading really) right after Elliana came home and it is amazing to witness her growth already. I tell you there is definately a change in her eyes. God is good and His timing is perfect everytime. I am still being taught that!

Melissa said...

What a blessing. She's adorable. You take great pictures as always.

I just noticed you travelled with your whole family. Us too (plus our mothers). Did you get a lot of comments about your "big" family? We did. It was pretty funny actually. The poor Holt van driver (Kim) had such a perplexed look on his face as he looked at us, all our luggage, and the size of his van :)

Ally said...

Just a beautiful post! Your little princess is just beautiful. God is so good and His work always always puts me in awe!

Tisha said...

A beautiful post, Candice! Elliana is such a treasure! Praise God she is an orphan no longer! God is good, all of the time. All of the time, God is good!


Tina said...

Candace, I love and feel your writing, thanks for writing from the heart like that. it really is so true...everything you said.

Off the subject but....when you download your pics into blog, do you use blogger? or something els? My pictures seem to lose some of the quality when I do this. Unless you click on them and make them bigger. I download from blogger, and make them larger too. Still the quality is not how they really are. Any suggestions. Im loving my new camera. What editing program do you use ..?

Have a great night

Dave and Beth said...

Simply beautiful!!! Just like your family!!! Many blessings!!

Waiting4OurAngel said...

She is so beautiful!! Happy 1 month home--enjoy every min because it goes by so fast. Hannah has now been home 4 months and I can't believe it.

Angie said...

HI!! My name is Angie from Kentucky. We just got our son Riley home from Korea. I orginally came across your blog on the Holt forum when you advised someone about camaras. Now I really want one like yours. Do you have a special lens too?? Its a Canon 50D, correct?
And,your daughter is just beatiful!! I know how blessed you feel. I now look at your blog all the time!! If you have time, I would love to know about the camara lens. You can send on email to me if you would rather at Thanks, Angie

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