Monday, September 21, 2009

13 months old and crawling! (with video)

Elliana has been coming along in her development in the almost two months that we have had her and now we can officially say we have "a crawler!" She has been scooting around on her tummy for the past few weeks, but just last week she decided she was ready to try to move a little more. Obviously she is still delayed, since at 13 months old most babies would be walking or at least taking a step or two by now, but we are thrilled that she is at least progressing in her own timeframe! I was able to catch a little bit on video and thought I'd share it here!

The first one is funny because as soon as I turned on the camera she stopped crawling. I keep trying to coax her to come to me, but no. I still think it is cute though because you see her personality and hear her cute little voice. She also still has on her jammies and morning hair-do and of course- the new glasses!

Here I resort to giving her an empty plastic bottle to crawl to, but she only scoots until she reaches it and then is perfectly content to play with it!

And finally we see her in action! Wow- she was lovin that plastic bottle and the fun noise it makes!

At 13 months old, our baby girl is still a little peanut! She actually lost about a half pound and is now right around 16 lbs and 27 inches. She of course is still wearing the same size clothes (3-6 or 6-9 month pants/shorts/ shirts, and 6-12 month dresses). Even her feet are tiny- she wears a size 2 shoe with room to grow! Definitely the opposite of our 3 boys who were all fast growing chubby babies! It is a little hard to plan for the fall/winter though, as I thought she would for sure be in size 12 months by then- she needs to grow a few more inches first!

We have a few more appointments coming up for Elliana soon, one of them being an evaluation with CVRC (our local regional program) in early october to see about some therapy as soon as possible. This will be great because there is supposed to be an occupational therapist, physical therapist and speech therapist all there for the evaluation, and if she qualifies for treatment- it's FREE for atleast a few years! Yes, that will help some! Her physical follow up Dr's apt is coming up this week as well- so we are hoping to maybe get some more answers after that or at least be referred to a ped gastro dr regarding her stomach issues, which are still happening after 2 months home.

Just for fun- a few pics of our 13 month old...

Sweet baby face

Nathan loves to hold his baby sister, who he affectionately calls Sara.

And she tolerates his kisses

A couple of sweeties

Mama loves her pretty girl too!

All dressed up and ready for church

Gotta grow into this bow

Uh oh. Mom is now trying out new hair-do's. Better watch out!

Not sure she likes her new "piggies!"

Content to play with an empty bottle some more!


Kim said...

Absolutely adorable and what a tiny little peanut she is!! Happy 13 months old Elliana!

Kelly said...

She's so adorable!!! Happy 13 months, Elliana!! How fabulous that she's crawling! Briar didn't take any steps at all until she was 15 1/2 months; Elliana will get there in her own time and she looks like she's flourishing with her family. Tiny peanut babies are the best, having one myself!!!

Tina said...

She is beautiful for sure, what a sweetie. Thanks for the video's....she is so kissable!! I want to squeeze her and kiss her too.

Jenn said...

Yeay for the new crawler!!!!
I love the piggy tails...the fro is quite cute too! :)

nates5bs said...

Her morning hair is hysterical!

Emily L said...

I love these videos :) Thanks for sharing!

Mo said...

I love her big poofy hair! She is adorable! Her glasses are great! I'm so happy to be able to follow along with your journey.

Anonymous said...

She is too funny to watch. Love the videos. I used to work at Exceptional Parents Unlimited (EPU) with little cuties like yours. It is a wonderful place and the therapists are great. It looks like she is already making great progress being at home.
Anne Brant

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