Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cutest little school girl


Can this girl work the glasses or what?!

I am getting more and more used to them and actually so is she. Elliana wears her glasses for a big chunk of the day already, but she has a hard time when she first gets up, when she gets tired or cries or is laying on her back. It is very good progress and I really do think she can see better with them on. I am suprised at how many comments or questions we have already got from people about Elliana's glasses. I guess it is because she kinda attracts attention being the only Korean in our family as well as wearing large glasses on her face, which most babies do not wear.
Oh well, I look at it as another opportunity to share with others about adoption and how God led us on this path, and it has been neat to be able to share when asked.

Her outfit/hair/glasses remind me of a little school girl. Glad we have a few more years until that really happens though! I want to enjoy this time when she is little. I know it goes by much too quickly...


Kelly said...

Such a cutie patootie!!!!!!!!!!! She can definitely work those glasses!

M, A and C too! said...

OH MY GOSH- she is just too cute! So glad to hear that she is "flourishing" in your family and that she is making those milestones! I can't wait to meet her next month! :-)

Leah said...

Love the piggie tails!

Darla said...

Can't wait to see her again, this afternoon! She is a dollie, will be so special when she realizes she has grandparents!
Grandma Darla

Heather said...

Hi Candice-
I am so sorry things have been so hard. Your faith is amazing and I know that your love with soon find it's way into your babies heart. We brought Max home 5 mths ago and one thing that seems the most profound for him is bathing with me... the skin to skin, the quite... I am sure you are doing this, but just a thought. In the meantime, I wish you continued strength in your journey - being a mom is never easy. Don't be afraid to speak about it or ask for help - you are not alone.
With much love and prayers,
Heather in NH

Butch and Tracy said...

those are some stinkin' cute pictures... glad she is getting used to the glasses!

Lucky Mama said...

Just wanted you to know that I am praying for your family right now.

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