Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My mission for today

I don't have time for a super long update, but just wanted to ask you to pray today. We will be going to the pediatric gastroenterologist this morning and I am hoping to have some answers soon about what could possibly be going on with our baby girl.

This is my mission for today. To be an advocate for my baby who can't speak up for herself.

Last week at her check up with the pediatrition, things didn't go too well. She has lost some more weight and is only at 15.4 pounds and the dr was pretty concerned. He had us go straight to Valley Children's for some blood tests which was a nightmare in itself. They poked her everywhere and brought in 3 different people to try to draw blood and nothing would come out, so in the end I sat there holding her screaming and sweating while they proceeded to poke her middle finger and slowly catch every drop of blood to fill 2 vials. We actually needed 4, but it had been a really long time already and she was sooo done, so we just got out of there!

Anyway, the blood work came back normal and she is not anemic or doesn't have thyroid issues. Ok, two things checked off the list. What's next?

Well, her pediatrition suspects that Elliana has something called megacolon based on all of her symptoms, but of course he is not the GI expert so now we have been referred to yet another dr. I am just praying that there will be some way to help her to not be in so much pain and to figure out why she has lost almost 2 pounds in 2 months! It's a little scary.

The DR also let us know that she is "Hypotonic" which is basically means floppy. And of course we already knew that by watching her and holding her these past two months and that is one of the reasons I was wanting her to get in for some sort of therapy sooner rather than later. She has global delays and he mentioned some other possible "conditions", but she is moving in the right direction at least- praise the Lord for that!

Once again I thank you for your prayers. Most days I feel as though I am going to explode from all of the things that are pulling at me to get done. I want to do great BIG things for the Kingdom and yet I feel helpless and useless.
But a friend recently remminded me that this is my mission today. That these little choices that I make each day to love and care for my family are adding up to BIG things for the kingdom someday. There are so many unknowns, but I continue to trust that God placed this child into our hearts and our family for a reason and I want to be obedient to whatever reason that is and bring Him glory through it all while growing more like Christ through the process.

That is my true mission and highest calling: To Know Him and To Make Him Known. (hmm now where have you heard that before? :-) )

I'll keep you updated on our sweet Elliana.

A few pictures because I can rarely post without atleast a few :-)


My Mission for Today:

It's a good thing they're cute...


Cameron and Megan said...

We are blog followeres. And we are praying.

Melissa said...

Phenomenal pictures as always. We'll be praying for you today especially.


Tracie said...

Being a mother is a big thing for God's kingdom... it's the biggest thing you can do any and every day.

God bless you and little Elliana!

Rebecca Wolfe said...

We continue to pray for your sweet girl, for you, and for your family.

I, too, want to remind you that this incredible mission of motherhood is a big one and just as important as any other. In fact, it is more important. God chose you for this little girl and He trusts you to care for her needs and raise her up to love and serve Him. You are doing a wonderful job with your children, and although you feel drained, allow Him to be your strength.

Love and many prayers. You are an amazing lady and I pray you enjoy this mission He has for you.

Noel said...

I've thought a lot about my "mission" as a follower of Christ - epsecially after losing our referral. I beleive it is to bring Him much glory on the path he has laid out for us to walk. We all are asked to walk different roads, and when we do that while clinging to Him and declaring His faithfulness we are doing what we were called to do. When that is done in the face of hardship, we bring him even more glory. I think thats where the verse in James comes into play: "count is all joy when you face trials of many kinds"...not because you like them, but becasue it is an opportunity to bring God great glory. (and He thought you could handle that!..and you can with His help) I'm sure there is more, but thats all I've figured out thus far. I'm Praying for you and your family.

Heather @ about2bmore

Lucky Mama said...

I also struggle with this as my little man has lots of needs (low muscle tone being one of them) and dr's appts. Sometimes I feel like all I do is drive him from dr to dr and therapist to therapist. Keep your chin up there is nothing more wonderful then laying your sweetie down for the night knowing that today you did everything you could to make their life what God wants. We will be praying for you today and if you have any questions about low tone feel free to drop me an e-mail. wowluckymama at g mail dot com

Sunnymama said...

Praying for a answer to her pain and weight loss and that God will provide you with comfort and understanding. Your statement about To know Him and to make Him known is our mission statement for our church. Ironic.
Anyways, God knew you could handle this baby girl and He wanted you to be her mommy. He placed her exactly where she needs to be!

Rach@In His Hands said...

You are all certainly in my prayers....thinking of you and praying that HE brings peace and answers soon.

Mo said...

I will totally be praying for you!

Mo said...

I will totally be praying for you guys.

Emily L said...

some resources for you:

let me know if you have any questions. I am working with some amazing pediatric nurse practitioners and endless amount of resource.


Jaci said...

Best wishes today!

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