Friday, October 30, 2009

Sweet little monkey learns to stand

Look who I caught in action yesterday...

A certain little monkey attempting to get up those stairs!

The same little monkey who one month ago had just learned to crawl...

Has amazed us once again and is now pulling herself up to standing!

She knows that her brothers and all of their fun stuff are just up those stairs. She is determined!

Uh oh- mom caught me!

Yep, in the past few weeks Elliana has made HUGE progress. Amazingly huge and I really do believe that it is due to our prayers for her and getting her the help she needs. Obviously we love our little sweetie no matter where she is at developmentally, but WOW what a difference it makes to see her coming out of her shell and progressing SO WELL!


She is 14 1/2 months old now and is curious about everything. She crawls around with more confidence, although most of the time she still won't let mommy out of her sight so if she gets a little too far- she'll turn around and come back by me.
She is eating much more than she used to and has been better lately about trying different foods. Textures are still a bit of an issue for her, but I am so proud of the progress she's making. At the moment her favorite non-baby foods are avocados, rice, pasta, and cooked broccoli- oh and of course crackers! She has 3 (almost 4) teeth on the bottom and two on top- so she is starting to learn how to use them to chew her food.

Speaking of eating, Elliana went to back to the GI dr. for a check up a few days ago. She said that the x-ray of her stomach showed that she had been very blocked up and no wonder she was sooo constipated. The Dr said it was mega-colon for sure and that it will take her colon probably another 6-8 months to shrink back to its normal size. We will continue to give her the Miralax but slowly lower the dosage and hopefully in about 8 months she will not need it anymore. Everything else looked pretty good. She tested negative for all of the allergy tests but needs to get another blood test done to rule out Celiac Disease because the one they did showed raised levels of something but I can't remember what? So it is still a mystery WHY she has mega-colon in the first place and the dr said it could be stress related or a bunch of other things. The important thing is that we are taking care of it and our little peanut is getting better!

Speaking of our little peanut- after she had lost almost 2 pounds in the first few months home, we were anxiously awaiting this last appointment to see if she had gained some weight. She certainly has been eating enough to put on a few pounds!
Well, at the end of September she weighed 15.9 and now she weighs 16.9 lbs! She has gained exactly one pound! She is still not even where she was at when she came home, but we are thrilled that whatever was causing the weight loss seems to be gone for now. This is still so tiny for a 14 month old. Our boys were her size at 6 months! The weirdest part is that she feels heavier to us than she did in July when we got her- but she is actually lighter. And the clothes thing has been a bit of a problem too- she doesn't have a lot of winter clothes and what she does have it is 12-18 months- which makes sense because she fits in that age range. And I have eben bought some clothes big thinking that she'll "grow into them" soon. But she is EXACTLY the same size as she was 3 months ago- still wearing 6-9 month clothes! She would be swimming in the bigger sizes! I am thankful for the hand-me-downs that we have!
So, darn I am having to make a few extra trips to a few of my favorite stores like Crazy 8, Old Navy and of course Target! :-)

So there you go- a little update on our little monkey. Next time I turn around she might be climbing on the table! Oh you think I'm joking?! Just look at that little face- I wouldn't put it past her!


In case you are wondering why you haven't seen her with her glasses on lately, well... after almost 6 weeks of wearing them for a good chunk of each day, the little stinker decided she was miss independent and has refused the glasses completely! She yanks them off as soon as I get them on and has scratched the lenses quite a bit as well! Ooh we have a little firecracker on our hands! I still try everyday, but I am not sure what we're going to do about that. Just in case you were wondering! :-)

This is her "I am NOT going to cooperate" face!


Kim said...

Wondeful update Candice and boy is she cute, cute, cute!!

Mary and James said...

So glad to read that she's improving so much!!! What an absolute doll!!

Leah said...

Praising the Lord for her amazing progress!!!

Rachel said...

So exciting to see all the new things she is learning! What an adorable little girl! God is so good :)

Tracie said...

Wow! She sure looks different than when she first came home... so much more confident and strong and comfortable.

I'm so happy everything is going well!

Hannah said...

What an amazing girl! I love little girls named Monkey :) My monkey has the toddler gown version of those PJ's.

She is AMAZING!!

Tina said...

Candice, Thank you for your prayers for me and my chest means so much to know friends are praying for you when you need it most. I too have been praying for Elliana...Im so thrilled she is trying to climb and get up on things...Seriously soon she will be climbing anything and everything. Once Grace figured it out she climbs everything. you read yesterday she was up on the top top of the piano. She pushed a toy to the bench to use that to get to the bench, then when I looked over there she was on the top of the piano grunting like "uh uh how do i get down". Oh my...I wish I had winter cloths to hand down to you, but they are all summer ones in that size. So next summer she will probebly be in 12 month..I'll give you all of Gracies from this summer. Today my chest is hurting...I will be glad to get to the heart doc to get it all checked out. life is crazy sometimes huh, but God is constant!

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