Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The earthquake in Haiti has caused indescribable destruction and tragedy.

So many are suffering and thousands and thousands are dead. More orphans than anyone could count. Everything in ruin. I can't even begin to imagine or understand what they are experiencing.

It is impossible to see the pictures or the news and be without tears and the feeling that we need to do something.

So do something.

Or should I say continue to pray.

Pray for the people of Haiti. Pray that somehow God would show them a glimmer of Hope in this nightmare they are experiencing. Pray for families to be re-united. Pray for strength and endurance for the help and rescue teams and that the supplies would reach the people. Pray for the missionaries and the orphanges there to show Christ's love to those who have nothing and for grace to make it through another devastating day.

Pray for the children who are crying out for lost parents.

And most of all pray for God to be glorified in even this. That with much suffering would come much overcoming and victory for His kingdom.

And secondly GIVE.

There are SO many ministries and organizations that are helping with relief work. We are even having a hard time figuring out where it will be best put to use. But the bottom line is there are so many suffering and not enough $, water, food, and supplies to go around. So it is our resposibility and privledge to serve the Lord by giving to further His work in Haiti.

If you're not sure where to start... here's a few suggestions for starters (all reputable Christian organizations):

Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center

Heartline Ministries

Food for the Hungry

Samaritan's Purse

Holt International

God's Littlest Angels (orphanage in Haiti where our friend's son Jeremy was adopted from)

World Wide Village

Feed My Starving Children

Love a Child

Compassion International

Haitians are crying out to God like never before... yet He has and will always be there. Even in the midst of this tragedy.

Pray with me for lives to be changed by the grace of God.

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