Thursday, January 14, 2010

Has it really been 11 years...

Since this day? The day our sweet Jensen was born?

11 years since the Lord blessed us with our 2nd son?
This cute, chubby baby has changed from a busy toddler...
to an active preschooler...

to a silly little boy...

to a strong kid...

to a hard-working compassionate young man...

to a very handsome (and still sweet!) young man who desires to know God and love Him more each day.

Jensen- edit-8

Jensen- edit-10
{when did he get so big?}

Jensen- edit-12

Jensen- edit-13

Jensen- edit-11
... who absolutely adores his little sister and would do anything for her (except maybe change the diapers-lol!)

Jensen- edit-3

Jensen- edit-2
and I think she's pretty in love with him too!
Jensen- edit-1

Happy Happy Birthday Jensen! We love you so much!
Jensen- edit-14
{Sorry for the delay in posting. Hopefully I'll be back to semi-normal soon. Lots of updates!}

1 comment:

Tina said...

Great pictures and I feel your heart also! and adoring to hear his heart for the Lord.

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