Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Elliana- spring

A while back I snuck in to snap a few pictures while my baby girl was still sleeping.
Elliana- spring

I wanted to remember how incredibly sweet she looked.

Elliana- spring

Because time goes by so quickly and all too soon the moment would have passed.
Elliana- spring

And oh how sweet she is. All cuddled up with her little bunny that "Nay Nay" bought her for Christmas.
Elliana- spring

And a few minutes later, the moment had passed.
She was awake and happy to see her mommy already in her room!

My sleeping beauty
Elliana- spring


Shelly said...

So very sweet... there's nothing cuter than when they are peacefully sleeping! I still sneak pics in of Ally, and even one of Jake this year (at 10!!). Love my sleeping babies!

Noel said...

Our babies do not look alike, but in those photos, Elliana looks identical to Addison. She even has those very same pjs!! Its uncanny!!! ...of course she's darling!

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