Friday, June 11, 2010

Anyone else reading this?

Just curious... :-)

I am not finished yet, but would love to hear from those of you who have read it.

If you're interested you can order it here.

But be warned: the life as you know it will be challenged to the core. In a very good way.

To listen to the sermon series for free, you can dowload them HERE. 


Amanda Jo said...

My husband and I are reading it together right now!!! David Platt is amazing!!!!!!!!! The Lord has surely blessed him with an amazing gift!!!!!!!!!!!

Michele said...

It is on my summer reading list for sure. I watched the video sermon series, and it so challenged me. I'd love to hear other readers comments on the book.

Noel said...

I listened to a good portion of the sermon series. Whats difficult for me is I tend to make sweeping statements and flat judgments, like, ok, everyone should be doing such and such, or everyone should not buy this or that and that isn't what its about. Its about laying your finances and lifestyle before God so he can use it however He seees fit. The way we spend, or donate our money should be a matter of prayer, not just knee jerk reactions to desires or emotions. I'm reading another good book called "When Helping Hurts" that is helping sort some of this out for me personally.

Christi said...

yes ma'am!!! can't wait to hear your thoughts... it's keeping me up at night!

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