Friday, October 22, 2010

Light up the WORLD

After yesterday's post, a friend promptly shared this video with me on f*acebook as an encouragement.

And of course, I fell in love with it and immediately had to re-post it here for you to fall in love with too.

I admit, we didn't really know much about Desperation Band until they showed up at The Orphan Summit last April and rocked our socks off! They were awesome. I absolutely LOVE their passion for youth and their hearts for the world. Through their music and concerts, they are mobilizing youth groups all over the nation to enagage in God's global purposes and to reach out to a lost and hurting world. They are huge orphan advocates as well. The perfect combination in my opinion. :)

Watching this brought tears to my eyes as I remembered our time in Africa that was only a few weeks ago. Watch the very end.
It is that kind of joy that I remember getting to be a part of. Sitting with sweet children singing praises to our God as loudly as possible with the biggest smiles on our faces.
It's like a tiny glimpse of heaven here on earth.
Like the song says, "Our eyes will see the glory of God."
What are we waiting for?
I'm gonna believe. Will you?
Jesus... Send your glory and LIGHT UP THE WORLD!

OFFICIAL-Light Up the World Music Video from Desperation Band on Vimeo.

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