Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A special guest

Last week we had someone very special stay with us. Our friend and dear brother Fekadu came all the way from Ethiopia to visit the U.S. for the first time and we had the priviledge of hosting him for a week. He entered our home a guest, but left as family. IMG_6310 He is not only special to us because he is a brother in Christ, but because he is the director of the orphanage where N and M live. He is like a father to them and all of the other children there. It is so clear to see how much he loves the kids and that he is doing the work that God has called him to do. Our time with him was so good and it was nice to just take a break from everything else in our lives and just focus on hosting him and getting to know each other better. The first thing the boys wanted to show him when he arrived was the trampoline. ha ha! DSCN0116 The first morning he was here was a Saturday, so we got everyone up early and dragged them to the soccer games. Nathan's game was first IMG_6255 His cheering section IMG_6259 Then we took him to our favorite local breakfast place- Batter Up Pancakes. It was super busy, but worth the wait!
 These pancakes are huge DSCN0124

Sunday we took him to church and WOW the message was so good and so fitting for what we had just been talking about the night before and it spoke to our friend who is living a life of being Sacrificially Generous. We all left very encouraged and challenged, especially Fekadu. We had our life group over for lunch and he was able to share his story with them and it was just a sweet time of fellowship and hearing about what God is doing in hearts and lives all over the world.

The next day we got up early again and headed to Yosemite. (Everyone except Elliana- she was with grandma) IMG_6306 There is nothing like standing right there in the middle of this amazing valley in awe and wonder at our creator.

 Fekadu just kept saying WOW the whole day! :) IMG_6424 IMG_6369 IMG_6449 IMG_6297 Some of the biggest trees in the world! IMG_6291 IMG_6281 We came back and had dinner with Randy's family. IMG_6456 The next day we were all pretty wiped out, so we hung around home and then took him to see the movie Courageous. Wow- that is SUCH a great movie! We all really enjoyed it! Then came home and had dinner with my family. This is my mom and grandparents DSCN0199 Wednesday Randy took him around to see the agriculture and his dad's farm in the country. We then had a delicious Ethiopian dinner at our friend's house. I wish I had pictures, but we took some with his camera and I don't have them. We had such a good time together and I am realizing that every time I eat Ethiopian food I like it more and more. I have got to learn how to make it soon!

 Thursday was a VERY long day, but a lot of fun. We got up early and headed to San Francisco for the entire day! IMG_6462 We were nervous because it was raining almost the whole 3 hour drive there and it started coming down on us right after we got there. But amazingly, as soon as we finished lunch, the rain stopped and it ended up being a little overcast, but beautiful day! We enjoyed the sights IMG_6464 IMG_6495 IMG_6533 IMG_6549

I thought this was too funny not to share IMG_6473 And the most part of our day was spent on this island IMG_6480 IMG_6506 We had never been to Alcatraz ourselves and since it was something that Fekadu had heard about and really wanted to do, we decided to go for it. And we got the very last tickets! IMG_6524 IMG_6523 IMG_6530 IMG_6537

We got home after midnight and then the next morning it was already time to say goodbye. We had a very full, exhausting, but BLESSED week with Fekadu. The Lord used him to really encourage me in this difficult time and I am thankful for that. The next time we see him we will be back in Ethiopia... and I hope and pray that it's soon! :)


Whitney and Daniel Bunker said...

Looks like you had a great time! Makes me miss our Kenyan guest :)

Jane said...

Hi Candace,
We adopted a little boy from Korea that is about the same age as your little girl. We are also waiting to bring a little girl home from Korea. I was wondering about your ADOPTED t-shirts. Did you make them yourselves or can they be ordered? Our church is starting an adoption/foster care support group and I would love to get some since I'm adopted too (spiritually and physically.)


Jenn said...

What a busy week! Glad you were able to spend so much time with Fekadu and show him a few sights of California!

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