Saturday, March 3, 2012

Letters from Daddy

 Randy wanted to be here with us so badly. This was the first time we have ever been away from each other for this long and this far away. We never travel without each other. But he was so sweet and loving and supportive both before I left and while we have been here. He wrote letters to Nati and Mihret before I left, I gave them to them yesterday and he gave me permission to share with you here. I cried reading these. So simple, yet so heartfelt- this love that a daddy has for his children.

Dear Nati,
Since the day we played catch with a little ball on the soccer field, I have longed to make you my son. I have wanted to teach you how to worship God, how to love a wife, and how to work hard. I want to hug you and tell you how proud I am of the young man you are becoming. I want to encourage you to continue to follow Christ and trust Him to mold you into the man He created you to be. I love you Nati and I wish I could be there with you now. Soon we will be together. Be sure to look after Mom and Mihret for me. 
Love, Dad

My sweet Mihret,
From the first day we met I have dreamed that I could make you my daughter. I have wanted to love you, to protect you, and to tell you how beautiful God has made you. I am sorry that I could not be there now to hold your hand and laugh with you. Soon we will be together and I am so excited for the day, March 6th, when you will finally come home to be my daughter forever.
 Love, Daddy

Only a few more days until we are all together again. Although I know there are many who will be anxious to see these two precious faces, I can guarantee there is no one as anxious as their daddy. :)
I love you, Randy and cannot wait to see you soon!!!

The day our lives changed forever....

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Burbles & Such said...

I am enjoying following your journey even though it is near the end:) I wan to thank you- even though that is not really adequate- for carrying formula to my little granddaughter!!! If you are interested, I wrote a blog on it. You are now part of her God story!

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