Saturday, March 3, 2012

This is the life!

Friday was a really fun day for us here in Ethiopia. We wanted to do something that the kids had never done before and originally I thought we would go to Lalibella. Well, when I realized that it was going to take 9 hours to get there- we quickly threw that idea out the window! Someday when Dani suggested we go to a local resort in Debre Zeit and hang out there for the day. Being that it was only a 45 minute drive- we liked this idea much better. :) 

Having fun with the electronics during the drive. They love the i-pod and have already picked their favorite artists and songs they like to listen to. Toby Mac, David Crowder, and Lecrae are the favorites at the moment. :)

This was at Kuriftu Resort. The grounds were beautiful and it included a buffet lunch that was really good. My mom and I loaded up on the salad and vegetables- two things that we have really been missing this week. If my whole family were here, I could get used to this!

After lunch we got to go kayaking on the lake. Mom opted to stay behind in the shade while we took the kids. (By the way- this is Dani #2. He is a friend of the other Dani and he was our driver for the day.)

This was the first time the kids had ever been on a lake and in any kind of boat. It was really fun and worth the sore arms and sunburn later!

This little adventure helped Mihret and I to bond together. We had to work together to make the boat go where we wanted it to and we had fun getting eachother wet and being silly.

 We raced each other to the dock...

Nati is the adventurous one. He is so cute and I can tell he likes exploring and trying new things. We saw some kids swimming in the lake with water buffalo and I asked him if he had ever been swimming before and he said he had only dreamed about it. Between that and going on an airplane- I told him that his dreams are about to come true! :)

 Here he is hanging out by the pool at the resort... so cool.

The grounds at this place were so beautiful. Lots of flowers and plants everywhere. It was hot this day, so we had to take breaks in the shade throughout the day.

We stopped at the post office shops on the way home and got a little shopping done. We were so tired and hot and just felt like picking something up to take back to our room and eat The problem is that there is really no such thing as fast food around here. So we ordered some pizza and picked it up a half hour later. This is as close as you get to delivery...

Our little picnic on the balcony.

 Or maybe these guys could have delivered the pizza for us. It only would have taken an hour or two! :)

Next up: the going away party in Sululta!

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