Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meaningful Mother's Day

This past Mother's Day weekend was one of the best I have ever had. Really.

I know what you're thinking, and no there were no shopping sprees, massages, or pedicures involved. (Although those are all wonderful :-) )

Actually it involved work (gasp!) on my part. But what wonderful work it was...

On Saturday morning I got up early and joined over 150 moms, dads, and kids from our church in the National Walk for Moms. The walk was either 2 or 4 miles from Selma Layne park and everyone collected sponsorships or donations for hurting moms and children in our community and overseas. We partnered with the mission organization Sisters in Service and the Evangel Home here in town to help to empower abused, abandoned, abducted, and enslaved moms with tools to strengthen their lives.

Everyone was decked out in bright blue shirts and balloons and prayed and passed out flyers along the way. Since our boys all had baseball that morning, and I was solo- I helped out by tagging along with my friend Jaimi, setting up, taking down, blowing up balloons, bringing water, riding in the green truck honking and cheering people on- whatever was needed!

What a wonderful way to give everyone, young and old, a chance to do something for hurting moms in honor of their own mothers. I think we all agreed that it should definitely become an annual event and would love to partner with other churches in our community to be able to spread the message even farther.

On Sunday I woke up to a clean kitchen, smoothies, and fresh baked cinnamon rolls (from a can) thanks to my dear sweet husband. And the sweetest homemade cards a mom could ask for from the 3 sweetest boys a mom could ask for! We had a wonderful church service and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing with family and enjoying eachother. It was such a wonderful weekend.

I guess it's those simple things that make smile. Thank you Lord, for those wonderful simple little blessings that you bring to each day!One of my cards from Jensen (he made 3!) I started cracking up when I saw it. We had just had a fun family night playing games the night before and they thought it was pretty funny to see mommy and daddy trying to play- I guess it made an impression on him! ;-)

A card from Nathan... I love all the hearts he drew and of course, the cake!


Anonymous said...

ok, i'm here and i'm checking. . .and i'm not seeing any big wagenleitner news! :) your pictures look great--you're definitely getting the hang of that camera, no?
jenny ratzlaff

Michelene said...

Candice, That sounds like a perfect Mother's Day. I would have enjoyed that kind, too.! It is great to see you. I am not tapping right now, but really want to go back! I am missing it alot!

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