Sunday, January 4, 2009


What is your purpose in life?

Who/What are you living for?

Why does your life just seem to pass by with no sense of direction?

Is it really all about you???

These are questions I have asked myself in the past and am wondering if you are today.

You see up until about two years ago, I was what you might call the average-Christian. Sure I was involved in Bible studies and ministry and worship and homeschooling my kids and trying to be a godly wife, etc, etc, etc!(still am actually) But at the end of the day, I still seemed to ask myself (and the Lord) the same questions: "Why am I here? For what purpose was I created and am I fulfilling that purpose?"

It started as a tender nudging from the Lord, as He would reveal Himself in various ways. Then my heart started longing to really know Him in an intimate way and know what His purposes for my life were. And then a little over a year ago a passionate fire was lit in my soul that can never be extinguished. Randy and I took the course "Perspectives" and I was forever ruined for an ordinary(mediocre) life again. God used that course to shake us up and really show us His heart for the nations, His people. We finally got it. We discovered why we were created, what our purpose is, who we live for, the direction we are to go, and where we should be investing our time/talents/treasure! To say that it is just another "Christian class" would be an enormous understatement!

This is where you come in... In this new year, how about a new perspective on things: GOD'S PERSPECTIVE!

Perspectives is coming to Clovis!!! January 12! That is next Monday!

I am asking every one of you reading this to please prayerfully consider coming. I mean get on your knees and PRAY and ask God to show you a reason to not come! Yes, it is every Monday night. Yes, it is several hours. But let me tell you- when you open your heart to what God is doing in the world and you choose to play an active part in the Kingdom work (which BTW according to scripture is not a choice we even get to make if we are a true believer)... it is an investment that will never return void.

Last week, I was (somewhat passionately)telling someone about Perspectives and how they should take it and how it really opened up our eyes to see God's bigger picture. Their response was "You mean you weren't always like this?" :-) I am going to take that as a compliment- God has changed me and to Him be all glory!

One word of warning though. Do not take this course if you are not willing to have your heart changed and your view of God expanded and your view of yourself shrunk. God's word always demands a response and this is no exception.

And that is my plug for this amazing course. Go ahead and watch the video- it's less than 3 minutes long- and let me know what you think.

And I will see YOU next Monday night at 6:30!

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