Sunday, July 4, 2010

Not so happy 4th


Elliana and I are home this afternoon due to unexpected circumstances. I had wisdom and other teeth out on Friday and am still in lots of pain. (teeth pulling was planned. pain still really bad- not planned.) I am also slightly grouchy from not being able to eat anything of substance since Thursday too! And Elliana has had the yucky stomach flu all weekend and although feeling better today, she is exhausted and grouchy from the past few days. Add to that my poor mother in law fell yesterday while getting ready for everyone to come over for the 4th and broke her ankle- ouch! Party cancelled. Nope. I wouldn't say it has been the greatest weekend ever.

The boys went to church this morning and now are off swimming for the afternoon. They were disappointed that we won't be seeing fireworks, but sometimes things happen right? I am going through pictures right now and just wanted an excuse to post these. They are from a few weeks ago and I thought she looked so cute sitting there in that wagon. I am bummed that Elliana didn't even get to wear her cute dress I got her for today- she is so not in the mood. Oh well, in light of eternity these things are so trivial. My pain will go away eventually. Elliana will get better and cheer up soon. My mother in law's ankle will heal with time. The boys will forget about a small disappointment like fireworks. I will eat real food again soon. :)
This was such a random post!
Happy 4th everyone!


Melissa said...

Uggh... I had my wisdom teeth out a couple of years ago. It kicked my butt. I'd rather go through my two drug-free childbirths again than have my wisdom teeth pulled.

If it makes you feel any better, our power went out this morning, which triggered us figuring out we need a $1000 worth of repairs to our well. We haven't had water all day and won't until mid week. Not sure where all 8 of us will shower. It will be pretty stinky here :)

Ally said...

hope you are feeling better soon! I am sorry your 4th plans were bummed:( Hope all is well soon!

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