Thursday, July 1, 2010

Praying for India

The organization that we will be going to Ethiopia with, Children's Hope Chest, had a team in India right now. They have actually been there for a week and a half already and will be home in a few days. I have been so distracted these past few weeks that I have not even had a chance to catch up on the blogs that I normally stalk. I have been praying for those that are in India this past week, but I didn't have a moment to actually see what they were up to and read their posts  until this morning. Oh my. Please go to their blog Hopechest India Trip 2010 and read some of the posts right now. It is truly heartbreaking, yet amazing that the Lord has them there for such a time as this. I mentioned a few weeks ago about being excited to read the book Priceless. Well I read it in about 2 days and of course was even more broken for the victims that have been trafficked into sexual slavery and beyond. It is happening all over the world and the team in India is experiencing it as we speak. Talking to women in brothels who have been there for 10 or 15 years and don't even see a thread of hope, visiting the homes of lepers and praying with them,  advocating for slum children in need of food and an education. They are in the battle right now. And knowing them, they will continue to fight long after they have arrived home. Please pray with me for India, all of those who are ministering in the name of Christ there, the hopechest team that will be coming home soon and for the Light to shine in the darkness. We claim the promises of the One True God who is MIGHTY TO SAVE!

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